Clarifier Drive Assemblies for Circular Collector Mechanisms

Drive assemblies in standard configurations are available direct from the McNish factory in Aurora, IL. These Drives are available in the configuration as listed in the descriptions listed on the links on this website. These Drives are proven long duration units that have a history of performing non-stop for over 40 years. All McNish Corporation gears are USA manufactured, tested and certified in our own fabrication facility.


If you require special configuration, adaptors, or any further help in selecting an appropriate drive unit, please click here to select and contact one of the McNish Divisions directly.


Here is the information required in order to select a drive assembly:


1. Means of gear and mechanism support - either bridge supported or pier supported.

2. Diameter of collector mechanism - nominally the inside diameter of the clarifier tank

3. Continuous running torque of mechanism.

4. RPM of mechanism.


Bridge Supported
Pier Supported
bridge supported worm gear
pier supported spur gear